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Website Development and Customised Design for Skuffesiden

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Nicoline Berthelsen


Users Can Create Housing Listings and Interact with Each Other

The bargain website, which had previously only existed on Facebook, aimed to establish a visual presence under its own name. Therefore, we engaged in a dialogue about how the site should function, what it should contain, and what possibilities users should have.

Users needed to be able to create housing listings and interact with each other. Additionally, the bargain website wanted to offer other services that should be presented to users.

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A Tailor-Made Solution
with Flexible Options

The result was an elegantly modern website that encourages interaction. It’s an information-rich platform where users contribute content in the form of their housing listings.

Communication between users is facilitated through an intuitive chat function, ensuring that interactions happen on the platform rather than outside of it.

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From Idea to an Elegant and Information-Rich Platform

Collaborating on a custom solution for maximum user interaction, we achieved an elegant and modern website. The platform enabled users to create content in the form of housing ads and communicate with each other through an intuitive chat function, keeping users engaged on the platform. The result was an information-rich platform that inspired active user involvement.

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