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We start with your specific preferences and requirements, tailoring the designs accordingly. We go through an iterative process, where we adjust and refine the sketches until we achieve a result that satisfies all parties involved.

Design is a systematic and creative process

Design thinking is a methodical and creative process that requires a systematic approach to achieve the desired outcome. At Brand By Hand, we specialize in designing webshops and have a plethora of validated components to draw from. We create both digital and physical prototypes that can be used for new services, systems, or business models.


Integration of digital and graphic design in website development

Digital design and graphic design are two essential elements in website development. Digital design focuses on the technical aspects of the website, such as navigation, layout, and user-friendliness. Graphic design, on the other hand, focuses on the visual aspects of the website, including color choices, typography, and images. It’s crucial to integrate both to create a website that is both functional and visually appealing.


Our Design Drafts

Through close collaboration and by basing our work on your brand and identity, we deliver a complete design draft for your solution. We handle a wide range of design tasks, from small websites to advanced applications.


Professional and Custom Design Deliverables

All designs are crafted by our experienced in-house designers, utilising renowned Adobe software. Deliverables are tailored to your specific needs and desired file formats, and you receive all design rights. We guarantee high quality and a professional finish on all our work.

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Ready for a design draft?

Do you feel that most people know and understand your organisation? We’d like to offer an informal conversation to explore how your design can be optimised.

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