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JavaScript, PHP, Laravel, or MySQL? Let us assist you in building a customised system based on robust software. At Brand by Hand, we have many experienced developers in software development who can help you move forward.

We Can Help with Customised Software

We design and develop custom solutions tailored specifically to our clients based on their needs. This allows us to deliver precisely the solution you require.

Our developers are focused on software development, enabling us to assist with updates and maintenance of your software.

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Integrationen bruges ofte til:
  • Fast mobile payment
  • Shop integration

Integrationen bruges ofte til:
  • Delivery to a private address
  • Delivery to a pick-up point

Integrationen bruges ofte til:
  • Automated invoicing
  • Shop integration
  • Automatic bookkeeping

Customised plugins or API development

If you have an original idea or a need that can only be met with a tailored integration, we can assist you further. Do you need to move data between your website or online store and other systems? We are always ready to help you.

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