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Global Timber

Multisite of International Caliber for Global Hardwood Distributor

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Global Timber




Eva Ravn


Sleek Design That Transcends Borders

Global Timber wanted a website design that could not only be effective in Denmark but also across their international platforms. The design needed to resonate with both the European and Asian markets.

The website was designed to be multisite, covering multiple languages and markets. Additionally, distinct subpages were created for the Asian and European markets.

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A Tailored Solution with Flexible Options and Unique Subpages

The solution was elegantly crafted with international pages consolidated under a single domain, each with its unique subpage. The structure is simple and accessible, making it easy for users to navigate to the specific page they need.

In the admin panel, each website’s content can be easily edited independently. Simultaneously, new initiatives such as tracking codes only need to be entered once to apply to all sites.

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A Collaboration with a Focus on Accessibility

We enabled the customer to customize each subpage for different target audiences and needs. Simultaneously, our solution allowed for the implementation of new initiatives such as tracking codes, requiring only a single entry to apply to all pages.

In summary, our tailored solution was flexible and easy to manage, combining elegance with user-friendliness for all customers.

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