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Design, Development, and Management of a New Website

Designing and developing a new website for Fredsted Studio was a task we embraced with enthusiasm. Our goal was to create a web design that elevated their online presence to match the high standard of their products, reflecting the timelessness of their brand.

The focus of this project was on achieving exceptional graphic design to convey the quality synonymous with Fredsted Studio’s products.

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A timeless and minimalist website

Fredsted Studios’ new website is built on an aesthetic and minimalist style, enriched with some special features that provide a unique and distinct user experience.

On the website, you can explore their various collections and find inspiration in their image gallery. Additionally, the website is available in English and is mobile-optimised.

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Tailored solutions for their specific customer segment


Our collaboration was built on clear requirements and high expectations for their website in terms of the graphic design, as well as the numerous customised solutions for their specific customer segment.

Throughout the process, our collaboration has maintained a high level of professionalism and executed the desires and needs of Fredsted Studio.

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